About Kristin Mosher

Born and raised in New York State, Kristin Mosher developed a passion for nature and photography in her youth.  With a university background in sciences, she explored photography as a creative outlet.  After studying speech language pathology at Syracuse University, she moved to Connecticut taking a position with the Jane Goodall Institute as Director of Operations. From there she shifted to a career as a wildlife photographer in East Africa.  Her early work centered on documenting life histories of the wild chimpanzees in Gombe National Park, Tanzania.  The chimps made famous by Goodall's unprecedented studies. Kristin worked as a freelance photographer for the Jane Goodall Institute to promote chimp conservation along side her husband, cinematography and chimp expert, Bill Wallauer. Kristin received two awards from the world’s top prestigious wildlife photography competition, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, winning the Mammal Behavior category in 2004.  These works were exhibited in London’s Natural History Museum. National Geographic and BBC Wildlife Magazines, among others, have published Kristin’s photographs.  Her images of chimpanzees were selected to promote BBC’s Planet Earth.  Along with her photography, she has recorded sound for documentaries highlighting the Gombe chimps and Jane Goodall’s discoveries.  Kristin worked as both photographer and sound production mixer on Disneynature's feature film, CHIMPANZEE, released April 2012.  The film won Best Theatrical and Best Sound at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in 2013.  Kristin enjoys speaking with students and the public about her experiences in Africa.  In the face of accelerated species extinction, she believes it is imperative for people to reawaken their relationship with natural world.  She hopes that her photography evokes a sense of connectedness, and begins a dialogue of understanding that elicits positive action.